Our Services

BlueCode Technologies and Communication provides a wide range of IT consulting, web design and development services. We have significant experience in satisfying the most special technical needs of our customers. We believe that our strong knowledge base and great experience is the way to the customer satisfaction.
BlueCode Technologies and Communication works with global companies and provides them with outsourced software services spanning over complete life cycle of products and applications.
We have dedicated teams focusing on each technology areas. Focus with in technology areas encourages BlueCode Technologies and Communication to build competency in each distinct development architecture.
Variety of BlueCode Technologies and Communication services include:

  1. Content Management System(CMS): The  Content Management System is a

News Manager or a work flow management system which manages Web portal with all types of  category News in a database. It is developed keeping in view of ongoing Technologies to provide fabulous features  to the users like easy-to-access, user friendly interface with good graphics and moreover a secure Protocol. CMS is a web based Application which can be access from any part of the world. The CMS provides the reporters to insert the news, upload images from back-end & your web portal(Front End) will get updated with immediate effect.

  1. Photo Gallery  Manager and Archiving tools: Photo manager is a web based

tool used to manage the photo gallery. Using  this application you can authorize Reporters/Authors/Writers to upload their contents, articles, news, photos from any part of the world using their login accounts.Admin is provided with proof reader Tool which removes bad words, unsolicited information from the content which is posted by Reporters/Authors/Writers. Admin can authorize to activate/Deactivate a content to display on web.The web based applications are well secured and meet to international standards during development.


  1. Document Management System: DMS is web based applications which is used

to archive the MEMO issued earlier in to Digital format & computerizing the current issuance of E-Memos. This DMS will have workflow. Where there are access levels depends on the organization standards. Once a memo is issued that will get assigned automatic to the concerned department head, which intern will be in a queue. Once it is authorized by the concern department head a mail will be delivered to all the employees & will put on E-notice board which is available to everyone using RSS Feeds. 

  1. Custom Software development

Pre-developed software packages, in most cases, may not be modifiable or customized to ones needs; and are usually available to all unrelated users or groups of users. Finding new creative decisions in order to meet the specific requirements and preferences of the customer as quickly as possible may be achieved with custom software development. We can offer you customized solutions that help your business achieve its goals.

  1. Website Development

Information is very essential not only for the expansion and growth of various business empires but also for the development of the economy as a whole. Bluecode technologies and Communication is a web development company provides innovative and powerful web based solutions by utilizing latest technologies.
Need a corporate web site? Or web application development for your e-commerce ideas? Web development division of Blue code technologies and Communication offers hi-end web design and development, professional web applications and e-commerce solutions development for your business.
Best professionally educated designers, experienced and skilled programmers; highly professional managers are always at your disposal on your development project.
Blue code technologies and Communication deals with web project of any complexity and duration. Whether you need a small, nice looking web site, a complex e-commerce web application or corporate website - we would be pleased to develop it for you.



  1. E-commerce Solution

We offer complete e-commerce solutions for businesses of all varieties. BlueCode technologies and Communication has leapt ahead in the market, grasping new technology and providing features that are important to merchants.
Low overheads, no need for a physical shop front, a global market, 24 hour trading, pre-authorized credit card transactions prior to dispatch of goods.

To find out more about how BlueCode technologies and Communication can get you trading on-line, either contact us or visit the BlueCode technologies and Communication e-commerce solution dedicated website at www.bluecodetec.com

  1. Web Portal Design

Web portal design can be used internal to company’s employees or externally as a content point for clients, or a mixture of both methods. BlueCode Technologies and Communication as a Website Development Company will always feature a very developed portfolio steeped in web portal design, including elements like e-Commerce Development and website application design.
The advantage of great web portal design is its service as an invaluable resource for individuals seeking to access information particular to your business. By utilizing an adept Website Development Company to build a web portal for your business, you create an online community where both employees and customers come together, share ideas, and search for similar services.
Portals have the ability to streamline your business processes by giving both your employees and customers a single point of entry to which they can access all of the relevant information necessary to a successful interaction.

  1. Database Driven Web Site Design & Development

BlueCode Technologies and Communication specializes in database driven web design. A database driven web site, as the name implies, uses a database to store the content of the web site. The web site may consist of a number of normal HTML pages and a number of templates. As these templates are displayed, code embedded in them queries the database and retrieves data, which in turn is displayed within the template.
Generally an administration system is used to maintain the data in the database. This will contain functions to add, delete and modify data in the database.

  1. Payment Gateway

BlueCode Technologies and Communication currently supports Protx, Streamline Direct, Barclaycard and Papal. Other payment gateways can be incorporated on request. The extent to which the payment gateway for any one shop can be customized to reflect your brand may depend on the gateway chosen.

  1. Hosting Service

Domain name registration and web hosting are an essential part of any Internet presence, identifying your website globally, and making it accessible by others. BlueCode Technologies and Communication offer a range of domain name registration and hosting packages to complement our web design services, so you can order a complete package from a single supplier.

  1. Maintenance and Support

BlueCode Technologies and Communication is able to support and maintain systems and solutions. It may be that your developed software solution or even the whole IT infrastructure requires maintenance and support. We provide support and maintenance services for the software that we develop.
It does not matter, if the software's solution does not satisfy your current requirements, have poor performance or any other problems. We are able to support, maintain and reengineer your system or application.
Your savings will result from prolonging the life of your IT investments and lowering service and optimization costs, as the work will be carried out by us.