Previous Projects and Clients

BlueCode Technologies and Communication LLC. has developed Content Management System(CMS) for News Portals ,Data Management System (DMS), E-paper, PDF solution & Web portals. It has got reputed clients such as Oman Mobile, Bank Muscat, Oman News Agency, Times of Oman, Al-Shabiba, Dallal Magazine.

1. Web portal Content Management system Ministry of Sports.
2. Web Portal( Ministry of Sports.
3. News Content Management System  Times Of Oman
4. Times of Oman ( Times Of Oman
5. News Content Management System Al-Shabiba
6. Al-Shabiba (   Al-Shabiba
7. Khabar Mobile Billing system  Oman Mobile    
8.     Times Of Oman & Alshabiba
9. Mobile content Management System.   Times Of Oman & Alshabiba
10. Bank Muscat(Kyos System for Add Booking System)  Bank Muscat. Bank Muscat
11. E-paper for Times of Oman   Times Of Oman.
12. E-paper for Al-Shabiba    Al-Shabiba.
13.Pocket P.C Add Booking Application Dallal Magazine.
14.Add Booking Management system   Dallal Magazine.
15. News Paper Circulation Software   Times of Oman & AlShabiba
16. Online Classified Bookings    Times of Oman & AlShabiba
17 ERP package ( HR,Accounts)      Times of Oman & AlShabiba